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Pergo Silent Walk Underlay - PGUDLSW7

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Pergo Silent Walk Underlay - PGUDLSW7


Pack Weight 10.0000
Length (mm) 7000
Width (mm) 1000
Thickness 2
Tiles Per Pack 1
Pack m2 Coverage 7
Application Floor
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor


An underlay for wood & concrete subfloors.

Preparation is the key to achieving the perfect results. Before installing your new Pergo original laminate floor, be sure to select the right underlay. Underlays add not only walking comfort, but also functionality. And a great floor requires an underlay that will retain its properties over time. All our underlays have a memory function, which means they return to their original form after being pressed in. Underlays of lesser quality may eventually give way, causing damage to the floor joints.

Pergo Silent Walk Underlay is a very durable and strong underlay that reduces reflected walking sound to a minimum. Also ideal to be installed above floor heating.


Sold per roll = 7m2

Material = High quality mineral-filled polystyrene foam

Vapour barrier = Yes

Suitable for floor heating & cooling = Yes

Reduces impact sound = Yes

Suitable for installation under laminate and parquet click floors = Yes


Compression strength (At 0.5mm deformation) = 180 kPa EN 826

Fire protection classification = Bfl EN 13501-1

Thermal conduction resistance = 0.01 m² °K/W DIN 4108

Impact sound insulation ΔLw = 18dB ISO 140-8

Walking noise reduction = -29% IHD 431

Sd-Value = > 75m